Embracing grieving Orlando families and appealing anew for national action, President Barack Obama claimed a threat to all Americans’ security Thursday as a strong reason to tighten U.S. gun laws. Counterterror campaigns overseas, he declared, can never prevent all “lone wolf” attacks like the one that killed 49 people in Orlando.
Speaking at a makeshift memorial to the victims, Obama said the massacre at a gay nightclub was evidence that “different steps” are needed to limit the damage a “deranged” person set on committing violence can do. He cheered on Democrats’ …

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Napster, the brand that popularized online music sharing in the early days of the Internet, is back.
The digital music group Rhapsody, which bought the Napster brand in 2011, announced it was rebranding the company, to be called Napster.
Napster was launched in 1999 as a peer-to-peer file-sharing service and became wildly popular as Internet users discovered ways to get music online.
But Napster was found to be facilitating music piracy and shut down by U.S. courts in 2001, leading to bankruptcy.
The brand lived on, however, and was acquired by U.S. retailer Best …

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The governor of the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro declared a state of financial emergency on Friday, requesting federal funds to help fulfill obligations for public services during the Olympics, which start Aug 5.
Emergency measures are needed to avoid “a total collapse in public security, health, education, transport and environmental management,” a decree in the state’s Official Gazette said. The state’s revenue has slumped in the last two years as global oil prices have collapsed.
The announcement followed this week’s visit to the Olympic city of Rio de Janeiro by …

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Canada’s parliament has adopted a law allowing medically assisted death for the terminally ill.
The senate’s move brushed aside critics who wanted the legislation to also cover people with degenerative diseases.
After weeks of political wrangling, the upper chamber voted in favour of a law that makes Canada one of the few countries where doctors can legally help sick people die.
Some senators complained the scope of the law – initially passed by the elected House of Commons chamber – was too narrow and should not be restricted to those facing imminent death.
The …

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China represents “incredible potential” for Walt Disney Co. and this week’s opening of Shanghai Disneyland offers the entertainment giant a chance to boost its brand in the world’s most populous film market, Disney’s chief executive said Wednesday.
Disney’s first theme park in mainland China is designed to be “authentically Disney” but also “distinctly Chinese,” Bob Iger said ahead of Thursday’s grand opening for the $5.5 billion park.
Shanghai Disneyland could help to revive Disney’s struggling international theme parks business. It will face competition from China’s own young but ambitious entertainment brands and …

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Microsoft is shifting its focus to social networking with a massive $26.2 billion deal for professional social network LinkedIn.
With its biggest-ever acquisition and one of the largest in the tech sector, Microsoft is adding tools to connect with business as it moves further away from its roots as a pure software firm.
The acquisition aims to position the former tech sector as a Facebook-like entity oriented to business, with an array of services centered around cloud computing.
“This deal brings together the world’s leading professional cloud with the world’s leading professional network,” …

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Small-time investor Tracy Li lost more than $3,000 of her hard-earned salary from working at a bank after China’s stock market crashed last summer, wiping out trillions of dollars in valuations in just days.
A year later, and she has been burned twice, betting government intervention to prop up the market after the rout would guarantee good returns.
“Everybody was saying that the market was starting to rebound,” she told AFP. “I bought a stock a friend recommended to me, but now I’ve lost 35 percent of my investment this year.”
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